7 necessary formalities when moving to another city.

7 necessary formalities when moving to another city.

Moving to another city & ndash; business troublesome. For packing things, farewell parties and arranging a new apartment, it is important not to forget about the papers and formalities. We recommend that you immediately make these items in the list of actions required when moving.

1. Change your passport if the time has come.

In accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, you have the right to apply for a future residence, but only when you have a permanent registration. Having visited the passport office before moving, you will accurately issue a new passport much faster.

2. Extinguish all outstanding debts.

Pay penalties, tax charges, utility payments, pension contributions. Against the background of transportation of a piano to another city, all this may seem like a trifle, but to start a new life better without old debts.

3. Close the PI or LLC.

Do this if you decide to completely leave the city do not continue business in the old place. In order to eliminate the legal entity, it is convenient to attract specialists from the core companies & ndash; they will help you avoid unnecessary trouble and settle formalities as quickly as possible.

4. Collect all the documents.

Check that you have on hand: Russian and foreign passports; MHI policy; INN; SNILS; driver’s license; diplomas and certificates; employment history; all documents for children. It is not superfluous to make copies of medical records of all family members, take characteristics from the school.

5. Having moved, register in the FMS department for a new place of residence.

Apply for registration at the local office of the FMS. If you have not withdrawn from the registration account at the old address, fill out the voucher of the application, then it will be done in absentia.

6. If you have changed the registration, re-write all the documents where the place of registration is indicated.

You have to re-register the car in the traffic police; liable for military service & ndash; register with the local military registration and enlistment office, retirees & ndash; to re-register in the pension fund.

7. Attach to the clinic right away.

Do not wait until you get sick. Write an application for the name of the head physician and submit the following documents: Russian passport, MHI policy, SNILS and proof of change of residence. Plus a copy of all these papers.

After all these formalities feel like a new place at home will be much easier.

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