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The Black Sea coast. Saturday, evening.

If Sanya knew what horror awaits him at the end of the road, he would not have been in such a hurry.

He would not have been in a hurry at all. He in general, perhaps, would have stayed home, in his native Tver.

But Sanya somehow thought that at the end of the way he was waiting for the tender sea, scorching sun, cheap wine, thoughtless fun. And – Dinka. The body of Dinka – both hot and cold, and affectionate, and intoxicating. Like the sun, sea and wine, taken together.

Dinka, along with her sister and her parents, left south a week ahead of him. Sanya was detained in Tver. When you are the owner of two stores at the same time, it is not easy to rake up the turnover and break free. Dinka called him three times this week from the south. She said that she loved him and missed him. I shouted into the phone: “I saw dolphins. I went on an excursion to the excavations. Cool tanned. ”

Dinka told Sanya in detail where they had stopped. So, you pass through the entire resort village of Abrikosovo. Then behind the village you climb a steep country road up the hill. Then you drive along this country road away from civilization, past abandoned vineyards. The last turn, and further – there is no way. The pine forest begins over the very shore of the sea. And in this pine forest there is a car and a big tent with their parents. They are still alone here, all alone, no other tourists are tourists.

“I’ll bring my tent,” Sanya told her on the phone. “Prie-ezzhay – gently sang in Dink’s pipe – I’ll come to her to come to you.”

For the sake of this sexy voice with aspirations, for the sake of Dinkin’s crazy mind, and now Sanya was carried across the whole of Russia – from north to south.

I left on Friday right after work. Until evening, the hated capital managed to slip along the Moscow ring. I drove until it got dark, right up to Yelets. In July, the days are still long, twilight is stretching, stretching – and does not go out in any way. Sanya rushed at the maximum speed that his crimson “nine” could develop: one hundred and forty, or even one hundred and sixty. GAishnikov with radar at night does not happen, but Sanek was not afraid of accidents. Who is destined to be hanged, that “KamAZ” will not crush.

Somewhere already at Voronezh Sanya felt: everything, I fall asleep, I have to rest.

The federal highway M4 bypassed the city side. On the bypass road, he drove the car along a successfully turned out village in a pine forest. He placed a mount next to him, closed all the windows, blocked the doors. He threw back the seat. He immediately chopped off.

I slept badly. It all seemed like someone was walking around the “nine”. In the morning I woke up with a premonition. Something, he thought, must be bad today. Something unpleasant.

Soon the sun was about to rise. It was already quite light, and the birds sang like mad. The windows of the “nine” were foggy with cheerful dew. The foreboding had diminished. Sanya drank a still hot, vigorous coffee from the thermos. He got out of the car. In the lowlands there was a fog. Sanya wiped off the dew of the car’s glass. I sat down behind the wheel, started the engine, drove to the main M4 highway – the federal highway “Don”. The expectation of something terrible, with which he awoke, disappeared completely – as if there was not him.

And Sanya chased. He was on the limit. Dashingly overtook on the opposite lane of the wagon, “KamAZ” and other tarantay. The sun has risen, then it began to heat – not at all like they do in the middle lane – hard to bake, in a southerly way. In the car the tape recorder was shouting: two girls from the group “Tatu” shouted: “They will not catch us, they will not catch us!”

The music helped to keep mad speed. With a single spirit, Sanya whistled another three hundred kilometers. Then I felt: hare, I need to rest, eat.

And here and a bunch of cafes along the curb. Fur stand, truckers are reinforced. Sanya stopped. He walked along the road, stretched his legs. Chose from the line of different cafes is the cleanest – and it’s the prettiest mistress. He ordered eggs with ham of four eggs, tomatoes, cake and double coffee. The young mistress herself brought him food on the table, with sad envy asked:

“And you’re going south, are not you?”

“I’m going,” he nodded. And he suggested (without much enthusiasm, really): – They drove with me.

– I can not, – sadly answered the waitress (as if he was not joking, but seriously called her). – Now is the season. Job.

Sanya filled the empty thermos in farewell with a strong coffee. And in the tank “nines” personally poured two cans of gasoline, stored at a gas station near Moscow. And again I went. Now – already slowly.

After breakfast, I was drawn to sleep. The sun was burning like a beast, I had to open all the windows. From the ride, from the constant flashing of bright landscapes, from the morning pretty waitress, and more – from the approach of the sea (and together with the sea of Dinka) the mood was the most joyful. And the night’s premonitions were completely forgotten.

And all day merged into one sensation: anticipation, movement, fatigue, joy.

On a bypass around Rostov, Sanya fined the tridtsatnik for speeding the merry traffic cop.

At a gas station in the Don floodplains, he had lunch in an air-conditioned shop – ate two ice cream.

In the village of Kushchevskaya, in the fish market, I bought a gorgeous, fat, translucent fish in the sun. If he is lucky, in the evening he will get an ice beer in this very seaside Abrikosov. And at night, she and Dinka will arrange a feast on the Black Sea for the whole world.

The sea became ever closer, the sun burned ruthlessly.

Near Krasnodar, the road became shady – cased with poplars, painted from below in white.

Along the road here and there stood boys, lured passers-by with handwritten posters on the cardboard: LIVING CANCER. There was a temptation to stop, buy – yes Sanya kept it. Go to Abrikosov another three hundred kilometers – perhaps, the crustaceans will fall asleep in the heat. Or they will spread out by car.