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Digital speedometer with the function of warning of exceeding the speed limit and about the dangers on the road: cameras, shooters, avtodorii, posts and stuff.

The HUD Speed PRO application is a digital speedometer with the function of warning about exceeding the speed limit and about the dangers on the road: cameras, Arrows, Avtodoria, posts and stuff.

HeadUp Display (HUD) is the ability to use your phone or tablet as a projection display. Just put the device under the windshield and you will see the projection of the speed and warnings of the cameras directly on the glass. Do not be distracted from the road – everything is directly in front of your eyes!

– Digital speedometer. The speed determined by GPS is more accurate than the speedometer in the car shows.

– HUD Speed works as a radar detector and warns you about stationary cameras and DPS radars on your way.

– Display of data in the projection on the windshield.

– Regular updating of the camera base.

– Convenient, simple and fully Russified interface.

– The base of the cameras covers all regions of Russia.

– The application does not contain advertisements.

If, when approaching the camera, your speed will be higher than the allowed speed of more than 19 km / h, then the application will give warning sounds. And this is important, because now the penalty for exceeding by> 20 km / h already begins with 500 rubles. The application works using known data on the location of stationary cameras and DPS radars (such as Arrow or Start CT) and other objects.

To check the background of your phone or tablet, use the free version of HUD Speed first: https: //…? id = air.StrelkaHUDFREE.

Russian interface: Yes.

Thanks for the update!

Thanks for the update!

Try to update everything on your old man, install a free version of this application. If it works, then the problem is in apk. If not, then there is a problem in your phone.

What’s new in 1.15.0?

Clear. And how to update the premium version of hud speed 1.11.1 to 1.15.0? There is no update to the Google Market. Or so. 1.15.0 above is a premium version or free.