Emigration to Estonia. Immigration to Estonia.

Emigration to Estonia. Immigration to Estonia.

Emigration to Estonia.

Estonia & ndash; The country, which is a member of the European Union since 2004, is a party to the Schengen Treaty. A country with a favorable economic climate and geographic structure has access to the Baltic Sea. That is why immigration to Estonia has become so interesting for citizens of Russia and the post-Soviet space.

It should be noted the loyalty of the migration legislation of Estonia towards the Russians, therefore several legitimate ways of emigration to Estonia are proposed:

Emigration to Estonia for the purpose of employment. A rather complicated and lengthy process, involving the receipt of an invitation from the employer company, which in turn must pass the procedure for obtaining permission to attract foreign labor.

Getting an education in Estonia. Not a bad option, given that the diplomas received in Estonian higher education institutions have legal force in the EU countries. In addition, foreign students are allowed to work, and the internship does not require a work permit.

Business emigration. One of the fastest ways to obtain a residence permit, for which you will need to register a company in Estonia, which can be owned by any legal or natural person, or an offshore company.

Registration of marriage with a citizen of Estonia. Here there are some difficulties in the form of the need to fill out a multitude of questionnaires and provide a package of documents confirming the need for a family to reside on the territory of Estonia, and not, for example, the Russian Federation, of which a spouse may be a citizen.

In principle, any of these options is fully available for implementation. As a result, one can obtain citizenship or the right to reside in one of the most stable countries of the European Union, which has a fairly clear and transparent legislation and is supported by a number of economically developed countries.

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