“For” and “against” immigration to New Zealand (Repost)

“For” and “against” immigration to New Zealand (Repost)

I asked Russian immigrants to outline the pros and cons of living in New Zealand. Apparently, it hurt. In Facebook, a branch of one hundred million comments. Here, I collected below in one table. Write in the comments if you forgot something.

Developed English-speaking country Clean and diverse nature Little racism, xenophobia and inequality High tolerance Safe flora and fauna, no creeps and poisons Few Russians Good parks, clean streets and toilets The life of disabled people is arranged Safely: no terrorist attacks The secondary market develops Mail delivers well with tourism: tracks equipped, marked Out for ecology is watched Easy to start and carry on a small business Fresh fruits and vegetables all year round Spend less than in Russia, they say No homeless animals No children’s homes New Zealanders smoke a little here Here, go in for sports You rarely see anyone on the streets with a bottle of booze Police do not have firearms. Good schools and universities. Handicrafts are appreciated: a working plumber receives no less than a middle manager. There are few rudeness on the roads. Good medicine. Legal prostitution. You can drink 2 beers and drive. Recently, marriages Well diagnosed cancer From the perspective of a career, it’s easier to leave to Australia, Canada, the USA and other developed Anglomir countries Smooth, good roads A measured, stable return az Life More than a third of the population are atheists, not a very religious society. Tasty honey, wine and cheese. Little or no mosquitoes.

Earthquakes Volcanoes Far from everywhere Not warm in winter (June-August) Not the richest country Small market in general Accordingly, small labor market Backward mobile communication Cold houses No culture No megacities, get-togethers, moves No history Poor animal world Little Russian salaries No IKEA, no available good furniture. Expensive and slow Internet. They say it is difficult to move from small business to the level of the average. Inaccessible housing in Oakland (the only urban city). Dear nannies and kindergartens. They say that there are not enough flexible visas here New rules A really bright sun: a lot of skin cancer A Russian medical system that you have to get used to Very expensive and not very well developed public transport A new range of allergens unknown to the body. A measured, stable way of life is too easy. Constantly write people with questions about “for” and & amp; l & amp; immigration to New Zealand.

These disadvantages are kind of common, they are suitable not only for New Zealand:

Loss of habitual and possibly expensive circle of communication, close connection with close people and friends. The rupture of cultural ties between their ancestors and their children, if any, will grow in New Zealand. Education in Russian (see paragraph “little Russian”) can be said to be missing Losing most of your own personal experienced luggage. Far from all the experience gained there is suitable here. Awareness of the fullness of personal responsibility for the failure, the loss of opportunities and continue to blame others. Restart: the beginning of career and general cultural ascent again from the foot. Acceptance of his initial status as guest worker and “come in.” Awareness of the finitude and seclusion of the World. The realization that Eldorado & quot; there is, in principle, and associated with this awareness of the loss of secret hope in a pinch somewhere to escape. The rupture of the cultural pattern between his childhood and the childhood of his children. The need to put up with the differences in the educational system and the common cultural value differences. The value gap in the family. Most often, only one of the pair initiates a move, and the other (the other) only agrees. One will have to overcome the associated difficulties of acceptance and addiction. Deep loneliness. For many, the occurrence of this factor causes so much stress that they can not cope with it without medication. The language barrier.

As you can see, the minuses turned out much more. Either Russians like to ponet, or really there is nothing to do here. It’s time to bring down, I believe.

BONUS: You asked Robotics Andrew to tell more about his case: here he wrote a post on the topic in his LJ “Details about how I came to New Zealand”.