How to move from Russia to Germany for permanent residence.

How to move from Russia to Germany for permanent residence.

People who want a better life for themselves and their loved ones could not help but think about how to leave Russia for Germany for permanent residence (permanent residence), is it possible to immigrate to Germany in 2018? After all, the standard of living in this country is one of the highest in the world. The minimum salary of a German is much higher than that of Russians. Some people complain about the large number and amount of taxes, but all this guarantees decent pensions and unemployment benefits.

These advantages attract Russians, and they are increasingly leaving their home country. Unfortunately, many are having difficulty finding work and processing documents, as they do not always choose convenient ways of moving.

Who is Germany waiting for?

Before moving to Germany you need to choose the appropriate reason for obtaining a visa and the type of the latter. What are the goals of immigration are less troublesome?

Marriage registration.

Marriage with a resident of Germany, as well as with residents of other countries is always an excuse for acquiring citizenship under a simplified scheme. After all, no law prohibits the inhabitants of different countries to marry and start a family. In order to obtain the right to permanent residence, you must officially register the relationship.

It is worth noting that you can go to the country on a guest and tourist visa, but you will not get married. For this purpose, the migration service should apply for a marriage visa. You need to contact there with such documents:

Passport. Statement. A check proving the payment for the services of the migration service. Certificate of absence of a criminal record or a written undertaking not to leave the place.

For men & # 8211; certificate of service in the army or release from it.

After the issuance and visa, arrival in the country and the conclusion of marriage, foreigners can expect to obtain residence permit and permanent residence.

Political refuge.

Of course, to call this path easy will be wrong, because a person risks a habitual way of life in his homeland, nevertheless, it will be easier for him to obtain a permit for permanent residence than to, for example, a worker and a businessman. If you refer to the laws, it is enough for the refugee to cross the German border legally or illegally and turn to the border guard for help. But in connection with the huge number of refugees who occupied this prosperous state, the rules will change. Refugees will be offered to other countries for shelter from illegal actions and threats to life. It is worth noting that false information about political persecution is punishable by a ban on entry to Germany.


Reunification with the family is an easy way, but only for minors, as they do not need to prove their financial solvency. Adult people should have a sufficiently high income for Russia or a bank account, the percentage of which is equal to the subsistence level of Germany. Relatives do not have to be citizens of Germany, they can be foreigners who have the right to permanent residence in that country. The first step to implementing the plan is to obtain a guest visa. Documentation:

Passport. Application for the purpose of arrival. An invitation from a relative. Income statement. Certificate of criminal record. A check confirming the payment for FMS services.

Upon arrival in the country you need to register and collect documents for residence permit.

Foreign pensioners live well in Germany, but before moving, a person should take care of renting a house or buying it.

Attention! The pensioner’s income should not be lower than the minimum pension in Germany. However, if the number of monthly charges does not meet the requirements, you can save a bank account that has savings. Their amount should be so high that the monthly interest from it could equal the minimum pension in Germany.

Documents for obtaining a pension visa:

Passport. Pensioner’s ID. Income statement. Documents proving the availability of housing. Help about the absence of problems with the law at the moment.

Further, there is a list of more complex ways to immigrate to a prosperous state, which will require more time and material costs.

Many people want to move to work. But this is not so easy if the Russian has no higher education or his profession is not in demand in Germany. When an immigrant meets all the requirements he still has to pull up German, look for work in Nemetzin via the Internet or ads, get an invitation from the future authorities and go to the FMS for a working visa. Documentation:

If a person’s specialty is not in demand in Germany and he is not a highly qualified specialist, then it will be difficult for him to find an employer. But there are times when it still does, then to obtain a visa you need to provide the same documents as in the previous case.

Any student who is able to pass the entrance exam, pay for tuition and speaks German can enter a German educational institution. But there are few such students in Russia, at least, less than those who are unable to pay for their studies and living in a prosperous state. If a young Russian or his parents are able to support and teach a child in Germany, they should apply to the educational institution with such documents:

a copy of the certificate; a request to proceed; copy of passport or birth certificate.

All this future student can do on his own. But to contact the FMS better with the parents. Documentation:

Passport. Certificate. Certificate. A note on the consent to keep the child for the duration of the training or an extract from the bank account on which the necessary amount rests. Information about the income of parents. Help about the absence of problems with the law at the moment.

Attention! After issuing a student visa and passport, you can easily emigrate to Germany, but the right to permanent residence can only be thought after graduation.

Entrepreneurial activity.

Immigration to Germany for the purpose of doing business is connected with a long walk in the offices of the tax and migration services. It is not enough to register on the stock exchange as a private entrepreneur. You need to prove your experience in doing business. And the firm should be big enough, therefore the minimum starting capital will be inappropriate. Applying to the FMS for obtaining a visa category D, the entrepreneur must provide the following documents:

Passport. Application for the purpose of emigration. Extract from the bank account. A check confirming the payment of the state fee. Business plan. Certificate of absence of previous conviction.

Now you can move, but this does not end with the bother.

What documents should I get?

In Germany, the emigrant is waiting for new things, namely: the design of residence permit. The document gives the right to live in the country for 3 years, then, you need to draw up a permanent residence permit: this is the right to permanent residence.

In order to get the first residence permit you need:

be fluent in German; do not have problems with the laws in Germany; to be a wealthy citizen.

visa; certificate of good conduct; a lease of housing or documents evidencing his purchase; documentary evidence that the emigrant is fluent in German; check proving payment of state duty; statement; health insurance.

Further, the documents are added, depending on the status of the applicant. For example, entrepreneurs:

certificate from the tax service; certificate of profit firm.

employment history; certificate of income (you can take in accounting).

pensioner’s ID; certificate of income (pension).

Foreigners receiving residence permit on marriage & # 8211; the certificate of marriage, and the students & # 8211; certificate from the place of study.

Through the time established by the legislation of Germany, a person will receive consent or refusal to issue a residence permit to the post office.

To obtain a permanent residence permit, new evidence should be added to the above list:

financial solvency; no criminal record for the last three years; payment for FMS services; the residence of a person in the country for three years (taken by the police).

To leave for Germany for permanent residence it is possible only to those Russians who earn well at home or have savings or those who have registered a marriage with a citizen of this country.