Immigration to Italy – How to move to live in Italy!

Immigration to Italy – How to move to live in Italy!

Italy is not only the most recognizable country on the world map, the custodian of historical antiquities, the leading “designer” of modern fashion, the birthplace of Dante Alighieri and Umberto Eco, but also a great place to live. Therefore, those people who want not to dream, but to act, it is worth learning how to get a permanent place of residence in Italy.

Ways of immigration to Italy.

The Russian diaspora in Italy is very numerous. Affects the similarity of mentality, the ease of learning the Italian language, a very pleasant climate and, of course, an extremely loyal attitude of the government of the country to active migrants. Especially to those who have entrepreneurial inclinations and have long wanted to start their own business, but the economic and political realities of their homeland seem to them too unsteady foundation for serious financial investments.

There are only two ways of immigration to Italy – smart (legal) and not very (not legal). Given the democratic nature of the country towards new settlers, relatively small taxes and the ease of renting housing, it is simply not profitable to operate illegally. After all, Italy favorably differs from the post-Soviet countries in that it does not leave its citizens in trouble. Even single mothers and disabled people will feel comfortable here and protected.

Permanent residence in Italy – three steps to a dream.

The legal path to a new homeland consists of several basic steps.

The first of these is the receipt of Nulla osta, a work permit in Italy. They do not like parasites, so they will have to work. However, given the increased productivity of labor in Europe and the lack of oppression on the part of the state, it is simply pleasant to work here. After all, no one will take the fruits of your labors, and all the taxes paid will, in fact, go to improving the infrastructure and living standards. The second step is obtaining a permit for temporary residence – Permesso di soggiorno.

The Italian residence permit has many varieties, some of the most popular are:

– lavoro Subordinato – designed for those who want to work for hire;

– lavoro autonomo – for all people with entrepreneurial inclinations;

– rezidenza elettiva – for people who have reached high financial independence, whose capital allows them not to worry about the material side of life.

A temporary residence permit in Italy allows you to live and work in Italy peacefully, before making a decision to stay in this country forever. In the end, if you want to move back – no one will keep you by force.

But according to statistics more than 90% of immigrants, after a while receive permanent residence in Italy. However, for this it is necessary to live in the country for at least 5 years, without excessive travel to the European Union. More precisely, you can travel as much as you like, however, the duration of trips should not exceed the time determined by the consulate.

Italy – a kind face of a new homeland Having received Residenza permanente in Italia (PERMANENT RESIDENCE) you can safely assume that now you have a second homeland. And, more caring for their sons. At all the stages of this long journey to the crossing, difficulties may lie in wait for you.

However, the great experience accumulated by the Russian Diaspora, as well as the availability of necessary connections and knowledge of all the intricacies of interaction with the consulate, will help you to pass this path easily!