Immigration to northern Cyprus

Immigration to northern Cyprus

The format of our group is any useful information for potential immigrants (emigrants). And also a platform for communication between those who have already emigrated and those who are still only going to. We are always glad to those who are ready to share their observations, impressions and experiences, both positive and negative. And also answer the questions of other participants, if any.

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Spain or Cyprus?

Spain or Cyprus.

Easter in Northern Cyprus.

For the second year in a row, the authorities of the city of Kyrenia and the English community have provided the functioning church of St. Andrew for us – the Orthodox, so that we can meet the bright Easter day.

Frozen blonde driving – on the roads of Northern Cyprus.

When whitewashed houses with tiled red roofs in the Mediterranean style cease to touch the eye, and pastoral pictures with peacefully grazing sheep become commonplace, in conversation with friends you often say “at home”, referring to the newly acquired homeland of Northern Cyprus.

The real estate of foreigners in North Cyprus is protected by law.

Where to go in the summer? Or a couple of words about the unknown North Cyprus.

“Sometimes one day spent in other places gives more than ten years of life at home”

I congratulate all women on the 8th of March!

The first Russian newspaper in North Cyprus.

Only a year and a half ago, at one of the spontaneous meetings, we dreamed about the time when we will have our own newspaper in Russian.

Russian fairs in North Cyprus.

This winter (2011).

How to give birth, grow and learn a child in North Cyprus.

Moving is a way out of the comfort zone.

Moving is a way out of the comfort zone, even if you are moving to a nearby street or to another district of the city.

Moving to North Cyprus. And how many in grams?

Perhaps, this is the most interesting question – how much is life – ordinary, everyday life.

Northern Cyprus. Residential complex “Emerald Bay”

We are proud to present to you the true gem of the tourist capital of Northern Cyprus, the city of Kyrenia.

Orthodox churches in North Cyprus.

Just 3 kilometers from our house in Lapte on the mountain stands a small church of St. Anastasia – clean, quiet and very beautiful.

About the traditions in North Cyprus.

Now in Cyprus is harvesting olives.

Formation of the English model in North Cyprus.

In the territory of northern Cyprus there are six respectable universities; University of the Eastern Mediterranean, Middle Eastern University, American University of Girne, Middle Eastern Technical University, European University of Lefke, International University of Cyprus.

Real estate of Northern Cyprus on credit.

How to buy a property in North Cyprus on credit or in installments? The procedure differs little from buying for real money.

On the problems in Northern Cyprus.

Comments that appear on posts about Northern Cyprus lead to the idea of needing at least a brief summary of some political points.

Northern Cyprus without intermediaries.

“Northern Cyprus without intermediaries” – the first seminar for investors was held January 6-9 in Kyrenia (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus)

Security in North Cyprus.

Calm down! Only peace! This favorite phrase Carlson is fully materialized in North Cyprus.

The laws of real estate are important changes.

The TRNC government proposed changes in the laws to allow foreigners residing on the territory of the TRNC to obtain titles bypassing the long procedure for obtaining permission from the TRNC Council of Ministers.

What brought 2011 to North Cyprus.

After the explosions in South Cyprus, at Naval Base Evangelos Florakis, the TRNC offers its assistance to the Greek Cypriots, thereby proving their readiness for reconciliation and reunification.

Russians in Northern Cyprus.

New Year and new opportunities in Northern Cyprus.

I congratulate all the band members on the New Year! Good luck in 2012! From 6 to 9 January we invite you to attend the seminar “Northern Cyprus without intermediaries”. You have a unique opportunity to independently ask the leading experts in various spheres of life and business in North Cyprus and get real information from the first mouth.

Seminar in North Cyprus.

From 6 to 9 January in North Cyprus will host the first seminar “North Cyprus without intermediaries” Learn more about the seminar program and register.

Russian New Year in Northern Cyprus.

Dear readers! I congratulate everyone on the upcoming New Year and Christmas! Let me say a few words about how the Russians celebrate the New Year in Northern Cyprus.

Southern direction is Northern Cyprus.

Hello everybody! I want to share my experience of moving.

Remarks of the emigrant. Northern Cyprus. First impressions-1.

Strangely enough, on the road everything turned out to be the best.

Remarks of the emigrant. Northern Cyprus. First impressions-2.

Girna or in the Greek manner of Kyrenia, a very small seaside town – only 50 thousand people.

Remarks of the emigrant. Northern Cyprus. First impressions-3.

The first few days, until the car was purchased, I had to walk to the nearest mini-market.