In which country to live in the winter pensioners.

In which country to live in the winter pensioners.

Recall that the authorities have ceased to index the size of pensions to working pensioners, and the level of employment has become lower. So the authorities will save on people until 2020, and only then will they start thinking about what to do next.

In terms of financing subindex, we occupy the last place. And where do retirees live better?

Where better to leave for permanent residence from Russia to a pensioner in 2018? To Bulgaria, China or Turkey?

Among the determining factors, such as climatic conditions, cost of living, access to medical care and mentality of the indigenous population.

In adulthood, it is very difficult for a person to change his habits and adapt to a stranger environment. For permanent residence in Bulgaria Very close to the Russians in the way of life.

It is quite easy for a pensioner to settle in Bulgaria. Elderly citizens who wish to move to a country for a VMZ or permanent residence must receive pensions from the states in which they were earned.

5 best places where you can live on pension.

Belize offers a special retirement program that allows foreigners to obtain local citizenship on condition that they spend $ 2,000 a month.

Among its advantages: exemption from local taxes and import duties.

In Belize, you can see a unique nature, for example, the local Barrier Reef or the Mayan pyramids. They speak English and Spanish.

Where it is better to live a pensioner.

Advantages: a sufficiently high level of free savings, which remain after the main payments (utilities, purchase of a minimum food set and medicines).

Dignity: ecology is better than in other regions.

Dignity: one of the lowest in Russia cost of utilities. Advantages: a comfortable climate, the health system is better than in many Russian regions.

The given statistical data show, where it is better to live pensioners in Russia.

In which countries in Europe is the best pensioner?

This is less than in many other European countries, but the cost of products in Spain is incomparably lower than in other countries. In Switzerland, the highest level of life expectancy among the countries of Europe is 82.5 years.

Above only in Hong Kong and Japan, where they live on average 83.5 years. In Switzerland, many people who have crossed the 100-year mark.

Medicine is highly developed in Switzerland, in particular, high-quality cardiosurgery operations are carried out here.

In which country to live in the winter pensioners.

Since then, a little more than a year has passed, the idea has not received government support, but the trends have been preserved: the question of where the domestic pensioners live is better – in a foreign land or in their home country – is increasingly raised?

Where does a Russian retiree live well? In addition, wherever a pensioner lives, he has the right to his legal pension.

Outside of Russia, it can also be received.

However, everything in order. The selection was made taking into account a wide range of criteria, from security to obtaining a visa and conditions for medical care.

The old sparrow on the chaff is not fooled: in which countries is the best life for retired people.

The average income of a pensioner is 87% (of the average income in the country) The average number of years that a person can live at the age of 60 years. Employed people from 55 to 64 years old. Feeling safe elderly. Satisfied with the level of their civil liberties, the elderly.

Five places where a Russian is better to spend years in retirement.

The most significant number of them settled in Bulgaria. The only significant drawback: to deceive when buying a home in Bulgaria can with no less success than in Russia, so it is desirable to hire a good lawyer to verify the documents.

However, more often it happens when buying new buildings. Yes, yes, do not be surprised. While the Chinese are actively developing our Far East, our citizens from there are closer to retirement and flee to North China.

Where is the paradise for the elderly?

The best country for life after retirement.

To apply for a Colombian pension visa, you need to receive a pension equivalent to three local minimum wages (about $ 230). That’s about 700 dollars.

Here, well-preserved historic buildings coexist with new buildings and modern shopping centers.