The reason for the difficulties with immigration is & ndash; Overpopulation: India’s population number & ndash; more than 1.2 billion, after China this is the second most numerous state in the world. Therefore, state policy does not welcome immigration to India.

And yet there are ways to move and get a residence permit:

immigration to India under an employment contract; marriage with a citizen of the country; training in India; opening your own business (the fastest way to immigrate to India).

One of the relatively easy ways to get a long-term Indian visa. For foreigners, the most simple for opening may be the registration of their own LLC or a branch of a foreign company. The second is quite possible, if there is a parent enterprise at home, whose interests somehow overlap with the Indian economy. If you intend to open a local company, the minimum authorized capital can be as low as $ 2,000, and two people must act as founders. The registration procedure depends on state law, in which the company will receive a legal address, but, in general, it is quite simple.

Opening your own company allows you to get a business visa type B for up to five years. Also, the owner of the company will be able to purchase real estate in her name, which is not an easy task for an ordinary foreigner. In five years you will be able to apply for citizenship.

Immigration to India for the purpose of education.

The only and necessary condition for obtaining a student visa and the right to temporary residence is a document from an accredited Indian university, confirming the fact of your enrollment and training. The visa is annual, so once a year you will have to renew it, but it is quite simple, you just need to provide a certificate that you are still a university student.

A labor visa and residence permit on its basis can be issued only if you have independently found an employer and signed a labor contract with him. But I must say that immigration to India under the labor agreement is very rare, as local enterprises prefer their citizens. Although it is possible to get an invitation for high-tech professionals, programmers and university teachers. One more option & ndash; if your enterprise already cooperates with this country and needs translators, or connoisseurs of the partner country. Such a visa is issued for a short period of time and requires a permanent extension.

Here, too, everything is far from cloudless. Of course, the spouse of an Indian citizen will be allowed to reside in his country, but the visa will still have to be renewed, even after the residence permit is replaced (after 5 years) for permanent residence. In addition, there are certain difficulties even with a short-term departure from India & ndash; for this, too, will have to draw up special documents. Apply for citizenship after 15 years of marriage.

In conclusion, I would like to add that if you want to live in this exotic country, then official immigration to India is not necessary. It is enough to get a semi-annual tourist visa and then constantly renew it. This is exactly what many of our compatriots who live here almost constantly do.

Information from unofficial sources.

Information from official sources.

It will be interesting for you:

The Kingdom of Bhutan & ndash; This is the state of Buddhism, enlightenment and purity, which is located in the eastern part of the Himalayas. It is a country of the purest mountain rivers and magnificent landscapes. Bhutan is a state in which there is no place for crime, poverty, hunger, wars and enmity. Only ecologically pure products are grown on this fertile land, as chemical fertilizers are prohibited to enter the country’s territory.

New Zealand is a beautiful country that is famous for its stunning natural landscapes and “100% pure and green image”. The largest city in the country Auckland with a population of about 1.2 million, according to the international survey of Mercer, was recently recognized as the fourth city in the world in terms of living standards and prosperity of the population. New Zealand is exactly halfway between the equator and the South Pole. The northern island lies closer to the equator, in the active volcanic belt. In this region, geysers are beating, volcanoes are periodically erupted and hot mud baths are smoking. The landscapes of the North Island are less mountainous, and the temperature here is much higher: it is here that three quarters of the country’s population live. Along the western part of the South Island are the snow-covered mountain ranges of the Southern Alps and glaciers, descending from the slopes directly into the sea abyss, dotted with giant beach fjords. On the endless plains of the eastern part of the island are fields and vineyards.

Norway with its picturesque fjords is known all over the world for its unique nature, huge glaciers and amazing waterfalls. Against the background of their greatness, far from megacities and everyday fuss, modern cities and man-made sights are located. Norway is divided into five regions: Eastern, Southern, Central, Western (Fjord Norway) and Northern Norway. It is easy to travel here, because there is a well-developed transport connection. In addition, there is no such thing as “bad weather & raquo ;: there is only bad clothing.

Kingdom of Nepal & ndash; a state that has no equal in topography. There is also the deepest in the world Kali Gandaki gorge (70 m above sea level), the highest peak in the world Everest (8848 m), and 240 peaks over 6000 m high. Nepal is visited by tourists from all over the world to admire the beauty of this country and enjoy unusual color.

Sri Lanka & ndash; a country that is famous all over the world for its tea plantations. Its sun, the sea, a calm and measured life surrounded by paradise nature attracts both tourists and those who want to immigrate to this country. In Sri Lanka at the moment live a lot of Russian, English, Germans. A large influx of foreigners is facilitated by the availability of cheap square meters in the country, although investing in Sri Lankan real estate does not entitle the foreigner to obtain the status of temporary or permanent resident.

Malaysia fascinates all tourists with its snow-white beaches, top-class resorts, untouched jungles, fishing villages, national parks and the world’s richest underwater world. Even seasoned travelers return here in search of romance and adventure.

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