Minuses of emigration to Bulgaria

Minuses of emigration to Bulgaria

Residence permit in Bulgaria. How to get.

Is it worth to go to live in Bulgaria. The question is interesting. For someone it’s worth for someone not. If there is a desire to change your life for the better, then it certainly stands. Because the income necessary for living in Bulgaria is lower than in other countries. Because it is quiet here and free. Because the mentality of the Bulgarian residents is close to the Russian language, because it’s easy to engage in business here. Many more pluses can be said in favor of moving to Bulgaria. But the person himself chooses and compares his capabilities and desires.

The initial amount of 2000 euros is sufficient to obtain a residence permit in Bulgaria and to move here. The decoration is simple and transparent. Who can move to live in Bulgaria. Practically any person. The immigration legislation of the country of eternal red tomatoes allows.

And there are such places in Bulgaria. In an unknown, authentic and fantastic. In Bulgaria it is worth living. In my opinion, living here for a long time.

The pros and cons of emigration to Bulgaria are considered by everyone, based on their reasons, which prompted such a step. To advise in personal problems is the business of a psychologist, advise the consultants in the preparation of documents. You can independently study all the primary sources for emigration in Bulgaria, prepare all the documents, come to Bulgaria, rent a hotel and do everything yourself. There are no problems.

Ask if you can go to Bulgaria and live there on interest from the deposit. Yes. It is possible and quite normally it is possible. In order to live well and calmly, you need to have 500 euros a month for one person. With the current deposit rates in Bulgaria at 6-7 percent per annum, you can estimate how much to deposit, and live on interest on it. The amount of the deposit in the bank in the amount of 100,000 euros is enough. Take into account that this amount is just guaranteed by the Bulgarian state to return to the depositor, if something happens to the bank. Will collapse, for example. Well, if you sold an apartment in Moscow, transferred money to an account in Bulgaria, you got a residence permit, then you can live for a long time and do not work in the country of eternal red tomatoes. Live on interest.

You can read a lot about the life of Russians in Bulgaria. Many already have various blogs telling about how and who moved to live in Bulgaria. Who settled down and stayed, and who could not stand the test and returned back where he came from. Everything happens in life. No one is immune from events that may occur.

There are questions how to get a residence permit in Bulgaria-Ask for a letter.

Who can get a residence permit in Bulgaria – read here. Click on the link and read about how to get a residence permit in Bulgaria.

A good country is Bulgaria.

How not to get to scammers when buying property in Bulgaria. Just. You need to know where you can deceive and be ready for it. Forewarned is forearmed.

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