Moving from Singapore to Malaysia, a walk along Kuala Lumpur.

Moving from Singapore to Malaysia, a walk along Kuala Lumpur.

Between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, the coolest buses run in the world! On two floors in such a bus only 18 seats with individual armchairs-beds, and during the trip carry hot lunch and drinks, just like in an airplane. Terrific:

Welcome to Malaysia!

In Kuala Lumpur, we booked a standard room at Doubletree by Hilton. When settling in, we decided to make a surprise and provided a two-room suite:

On the tenth floor of the hotel there is a swimming pool and a recreation area, where we had fun all morning:

This view opens onto the neighboring business center from the pool:

After we had sunbathed and sunbathed, we decided to walk to the new city center.

These are the majestic twin towers of Petronas, the most grandiose construction in Kuala Lumpur:

Under the towers is the shopping center Suria:

In front of the entrance there are cars of Formula 1:

If you immediately turn left and go up to the second floor, you can find yourself in the Philharmonic, where the National Orchestra of Malaysia gives concerts:

We missed the drink before the show! By the way, here there is a strict dress code, so I had to dress up in a suit in a 30-degree heat:

An unusual chandelier above our heads:

We got to a very specific concert with unusual music, fell asleep during the first act and left the philharmonic at the intermission 🙂

Inside, it’s very beautiful, but it’s strictly forbidden to shoot, even the camera was asked to hand over to the storage room. I still made some frames on the phone:

After classical music and a cool hall, we decided to warm up a bit and look around:

Central park next to the towers:

In Kuala Lumpur, it’s hot:

Later we reached the historic center of the city:

Immediately, not far away, the Indian Quarter is also located:

On one of the streets was found a wonderful Indian restaurant, where our dinner was held:

Kuala Lumpur City Gallery:

We looked at the urban model of the near future:

And this is Dataran Merdeka – Independence Square. There are various festivals and carnivals, including the New Year and the parade on August 31 (National Day):

The main square of the country:

The palace of Sultan Abdul Samad was originally the British Administrative Center, later became the Supreme Court of Malaysia, and at the present time the Ministry of Culture is located here:

After it was dark, we returned to the central park:

And this is the Traders hotel, on the roof of which is the Sky Bar:

From its windows there was an excellent view of the towers:

This evening, Russia won the Olympics in Sochi and we gladly celebrated the victory of our team:

In the next post I will tell you about the cave of Batu and about our trip to the small town of Kuala Selengor, next to which is the famous firefly farm and monkey mountain.

Moving from Singapore to Malaysia, a walk along Kuala Lumpur.