Nationality of Lithuania.

Nationality of Lithuania.

The method of obtaining citizenship: naturalization.

Lithuania is a European state located on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea, the largest state in the Baltic states. The economy of Lithuania is considered to be the largest among the 3 Baltic countries, GDP per capita is $ 15 430. Form of government & # 8212; democratic republic. The head of state is the president. The population of the country is about 2.9 million people. The average life expectancy in Lithuania is 74.6 years.

Lithuania is famous for its magnificent natural landscapes and an interesting centuries-old history. Life in Lithuania is calm, measured and European-like. In the country, both in cities and in the countryside, is a wonderful ecology. Quite a mild climate, excellent sea and medical resorts, a lot of luxury parks and beautiful glacial lakes. Among those who came from the former USSR, Lithuania is one of the most popular destinations due to the convenient territorial position, the comparative numbers of the Russian-speaking population and the knowledge of the Russian language by a significant part of the population of the country.

Pros of citizenship of Lithuania:

The right to free residence in any EU country; Obtaining the right to work in any EU country; Obtaining benefits and benefits, the possibility of obtaining free education and medical services; Visa-free visit to 132 countries of the world; The possibility of obtaining loans on much better conditions than for non-residents.

Disadvantages of Lithuanian citizenship:

A long way to obtain citizenship; Inadmissibility of the second citizenship. To obtain the citizenship of Lithuania, it is necessary to renounce the citizenship of the former state; There is no possibility of obtaining citizenship for investment.

How to obtain the citizenship of Lithuania?

Get a temporary residence permit in one of the ways provided by immigration law: through the opening of a company or a representative office in Lithuania. After 5 years, the residence permit will receive permanent permanent residence in Lithuania, if the company or representative office on the basis of which a residence permit was obtained, led a real activity, if an examination is given for the knowledge of the Lithuanian language and the requirement to be in the country is met. The presence of permanent residence does not require the conduct of commercial activities and every other extension of the residence permit. After 5 years of permanent residence there is an opportunity to obtain the citizenship of Lithuania.

Methods of obtaining residence permit in Lithuania.

Residence permit in Lithuania through the opening of a representative office of a foreign company. This is the most affordable option for obtaining a residence permit, which does not involve any investment. Validity of the primary residence permit & # 8212; 1-2 years with the subsequent extension for the next 2 + 1 years before obtaining permanent residence. The spouse / spouse of the applicant and his minor children may receive it. The main advantages of obtaining residence permits in Lithuania through the opening of a representative office: budgetary clearance, residence permit in this way can receive up to 3 representatives, there is no requirement for compulsory residence in the country.

There are 2 basic requirements for registration:

To have a company registered in the country of location of the Applicant; Work in this company at least 1 year before applying for a residence permit of Lithuania.

VNZH in Lithuania through the company’s opening.

This variant of legalization is for those who plan to conduct business in the country, because the Applicant and the company opened by him in Lithuania need to meet certain requirements:

To be a shareholder, a member of the management board or a director of a company in Lithuania, which operates for at least 6 months. To employ at least 3 foreigners. The authorized capital of the company must be at least 28 000 euros.

Applicants for 1 company can be 3rd, their family members also have the right to obtain a residence permit, which is initially issued for 1 year and then every 2 years is extended until obtaining permanent residence.

For registration of residence permit in this way, we can choose a ready-made company with outsourcing of the whole complex of issues for its operational management and reporting.