News from Japan.

News from Japan.

Foreigners in Japan are protesting against changing immigration laws.

Foreigners in Japan are protesting against changing immigration laws.

More than 250 foreign residents of Japan and their supporters passed on Sunday in the center of Tokyo in protest against the bill on the revision of immigration laws, stating that the changes are aimed at tightening control over them.

The revision of the immigration law, which is being discussed by the House Committee on Judicial Affairs since April 24, should abolish the registration cards of foreigners that local municipalities are now issuing. New registration cards will be issued by the central government to those foreigners who stay in Japan for more than three months.

Such steps are aimed at uniting administrative tasks in relation to foreigners in one, which will be handled by the central government, as well as to intensify measures against immigrants remaining in Japan illegally.

The protesters called for the repeal of the proposed revision of the legislation, saying that the proposed changes could enable the authorities to impose criminal penalties and cancel visas for foreigners who did not provide notice of any changes to their addresses or institutions, such as companies or schools.

They also object to the revision of the law, since personal information about foreign residents – such as a job, Japanese language skills and tax deductions – will be collected by the Ministry of Justice through a centralized system.

“Such a system of strict control does not take into account the realities of life and residence of foreigners and allows the Ministry of Justice to arbitrarily cancel or extend visas”, # 8211; said the rally participants.

Xu Cuizhen (Xu Cuizhen), a Chinese woman living in Osaka, told a meeting: “I’m furious. The Japanese government will never stop treating us as a target for expulsion from the state, “adding that she wants to get rid of the bills.

Monika Nakahodo, a 46-year-old Japanese-born Peruvian in the third generation from Yokohama, who works in auto parts manufacturing for 20 years, asks: “Do not you think it’s excessive on the part of the Japanese government to tighten immigration control without taking into account the opinions of foreigners and even not allowing them to learn about the revision of the law? “.

“We must fight to change this unfair situation”, & # 8211; she says.

According to political sources, bills can be adopted by the Lower Chamber at the end of this week and are further approved at the current session of Parliament.

Translation into Russian: Yours faithfully, Gennady A. (KamiKadze) for Fushigi Nippon, 27.05.2009.

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