Poems about parting with your girlfriend.

Poems about parting with your girlfriend.

Warm verses about the love of the girl are collected on this page – why sad, you ask? Unfortunately, sometimes in the way of love there are obstacles that a guy and a girl do not find the strength to overcome. Maybe they lack patience, mutual understanding, firm confidence that one should be together, try to understand and support each other. As the song is sung, love and separation do not go alone without the other. If you broke up with your beloved, maybe our verses from this page will help you to find peace of mind. Or, sending a beloved such a message, you will be able to regain lost relationships or simply beautifully and kindly complete your romance. Poems about parting with your girlfriend can be found on this page of our website.

I was fine with you,

And about anything I do not regret.

I could not take you with me,

But only you are sick.

I had to go far,

So in life it turned out,

I swear, it is very difficult for me,

But, unfortunately, it happened.

For all of you I’m grateful,

I really can not forget you,

After all, the angel gave me a gift,

I do not know how I will live!

I fell in love with you,

Counted the hours before our meeting.

I wanted to be alone with you.

I’m sorry I saw the queen.

And he worshiped to himself,

That in my fairy tale I believed,

But I loved you so much.

Forgive me for bursting into your life,

Breaking the rest of the world,

But he did not disappear, but lingered,

Having opened heart and soul.

Forgive me for being with you, like a tiger,

But melted under your hand,

Lynched with tenderness playfully,

Drowned in love for you big.

I will not forgive that out of embrace.

I let my happiness go,

Forgive me for all my dreams.

Was the only you …

It smells of sadness and longing.

Loneliness is our hands.

Binds completely all of a sudden.

What can I say in a moment of sadness?

What does not cost us snyat,

The subconscious mind will not allow it.

We strongly omit the nose.

With the girl parting too.

Do not rush to overcome.

Every minute can.

Like a song suddenly sing.

How good, what is empty in the soul,

How good that I’m not angry, not jealous,

How good that everything is as it is already.

How good that the arrows are all – past,

How good it is to live in the absence of lies,

How good that I have a heaven stored,

How good that I can live again.

How good that there is air again,

Frames do not press and you can breathe.

Do you hear, now I see the stars again.

And in the palm of my hand I can hold them.

It’s strange, someone inspires love,

And only me – parting with you.

All. flew. I’ve had enough, dear.

I lied, come home!

Go away! And forget this house.

You were just a bitter dawn.

So go away and forget me.

I do not want to wait any longer, I’m wrong.

I do not want! And, please, do not call.

You were like a rainy summer.

Only mud, instead of the sun rays.

You wanted me to be obedient,

So that I serve you as a dog.

You did not manage to love me,

And I was able to only remove me.

Let others please you,

They indulge your desires.

I will not kneel.

You’re not worth it, you understand!

Your tears do not frighten me.

I saw them many times.

You always asked for forgiveness.

But now you will disappear from your eyes.

Believe me, I do not need anything.

Sad, tell me, what are you from?

I laugh is your reward.

From the face dry the tears,

Bring back grief from the soul.

Look at your favorite pictures,

sit with you in silence.

Let’s talk, maybe, or not-

Now it does not matter.

The main thing is that there is no trace left,

in the soul of a sad poet!

If only you always laughed,

had a good time.

As if life is not mocked,

do not be sad, do not be sad.

Where to find words to tell,

All my sorrow, all my yearning,

I only think about you.

I know the day, and we’ll meet,

Only there is no power, to let you go,

How to drive away separation – razluchnitsu,

Always be together and do not suffer.

Honey, not for us.

Not everything will change,

And we do not have an hour to live.

You will meet yet your happiness,

Maybe it’s waiting for me,

Understand that by one participation.

Love to us with you will not come.

I live on this land that is alien to me,

I’m wandering around it like a lunatic.

Walking in a deserted and empty moon.

Wherever he was, everywhere so lonely,

There is no warmth, no happiness, no friends,

And I would like so much,

To the charm of life to feel its own.

Yes, I’m a romantic … I’ll stay,

Living without happiness and love,

But I believe someone will meet me,

Who will lead me from the wrong path.

Keys can not be found,

Crashed all my dreams,

Now they can not be assembled.

I dreamed of happiness.

And the love that I was looking for.

I seemed to hold it in my hands.

And there were thoughts that here with her.

We are born for each other,

We are not afraid of any crisis,

After all, there were several: I and You …

You whispered to me about love,

That our happiness is forever,

And the fact that together we are happy,

Until the end�

But these were just words,

A complete lie and deceit,

Has come, has said goodbye and … Has left,

Covering my life with fog.

Everything was gone, only I did not forgive.

Those words, that love, the promise.

But I said good-bye to you.

Goodbye to the warmth and hope.

In parting, I look like before.

I will stretch my palm to you with pain,

And I’ll pull it away, saying good-bye with love!

And a warm light lit in the windows.

How can I overcome this pain?

Frost draws fear on the glasses.

You are no longer with me.

And it hurts very painfully.

I ask you to answer me:

For what, beloved? So it’s bitter.

And you do not have me anymore.

Loneliness settled in the soul,

How difficult! How to be without you?

My dear, sweet girl.

Not mine, make a mistake, I’m sorry!

For me, you remain sinless,

My heart aches and cries in my chest.

And the other already embraces you,

Well, I stay away.

You will remain a song in my soul.

The best on this earth!

And on the heart, heavy sadness,

Let’s part, my joy,

But without you, I can not fall asleep.

Do not hear the breathing quiet,

Do not see, caressing eyes,

It is necessary to know the inevitable,

And to live without looking back.

But I still love you.

Perhaps all this is in vain,

But nothing dominates over the soul.

I will believe, wait,

And to suffer so quietly at night.

Once I learned to love my soul,

Now I can not live without it.

My trouble is in my chest,

I want to kill all feelings in her.

Hanging in a frame on the wall,

And to live as one lived in the soul.

Perhaps I want too much,

Perhaps I love too much.

Maybe it’s not destiny for me to be with you.

Perhaps I’m not worthy of a big love.

Let it be as you want,

Let my fate be on fire.

I want you to be happy only,

I ask for everything to forgive me.

We parted with a nice late evening.

We will wait from now: day, week, year, –

When will we meet again with my beloved!

When I pick it up again,

I whisper in my ear: “I love you!”

Days, weeks, months – everything to me at all,

I love and I love, we will all survive!

Although I do not know what lies ahead.

You loved – I will remember this,

And all that is left behind.

Forgive me, I committed the deed,

I just can not go on like this.

But in this world, you must be insolent,

And I wanted to love you.

I did not dare to admit it.

And tell you what I feel for you.

I’m so tired of being so scared,

It was so hard on the soul.

Do not return me, I beg.

As I loved – I will remember this.

Perhaps I will not keep much in mind,

Farewell, I will not forget you.

And I’m sorry that it all happened.

Evil do not and do not curse in vain,

It happened that it happened.

We part, who is to blame?

There is no answer, and can not be any more.

Everything is more complicated here, maybe a hundred times,

Let our conscience do not bite you.

Who is to blame if the love has passed?

Who is to blame, that glance glossed over?

Only autumn knows, with leaves rustling,

Yes, the snow, slightly trampled with traces.

Voting for a beloved girl.

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