Simplified residence permit for pensioners of some countries.

Simplified residence permit for pensioners of some countries.

Simplified residence permit in Latvia for pensioners of some countries.

We draw your attention to the fact that in Latvia there is a simplified program of residence permit for pensioners of some countries.

The main conditions are the achievement of the Latvian retirement age, as well as the existence of an agreement on visa-free entry between Latvia and the country of which you are a citizen (or citizen).

Among such countries – America, Australia, Israel, Canada and others.

You do not need to purchase real estate, create a company or store a large amount of money in an account in a Latvian bank.

If you have reached the Latvian retirement age (on January 1, 2018 – 63 years and 3 months) and are a citizen of these countries, you can simplify the procedure for temporary residence permit in Latvia.

The basic documents necessary for obtaining a residence permit:

Special form. The photo. Help from the bank about the balance of funds on the account.

The required amount of subsistence (effective from April 1, 2018):

– For a pensioner: 859 euros per month * 12 = 10 308 euros per year.

– For the spouse: 430 euros a month * 12 = 5 160 euros per year.

A document confirming the place of residence in Latvia (the consent of the owner of the property or the lease agreement). Marriage certificate. Medical insurance. Medical certificate of absence of tuberculosis.

These documents are submitted to the Citizenship and Migration Affairs Department, a fee is paid for consideration of documents, a decision is made and assigned to the residence permit.

Duty per person for consideration of documents of residence permit:

– Within 30 calendar days: 100 euros.

– Within 10 working days: 200 Euro.

– Within 5 working days: 400 euros.

The residence permit can also be received by your spouse (or spouse), regardless of her age.

We have clients who have successfully issued such a residence permit, so we recommend that you pay attention to this opportunity.

The lawyer of KOM-INVEST will provide you with qualified assistance in obtaining a residence permit and will accompany you in all necessary instances.

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