Visa to Thailand – How to live in Thailand for a long time and happily?

Visa to Thailand – How to live in Thailand for a long time and happily?

You are going to travel to Thailand and are thinking about how to open a visa. In this story the young couple tells about possible options and gives an example of obtaining a visa from personal practice.

Alexander and Svetlana talk about different ways of obtaining visas to Thailand. A dialogue begins with Alexander’s words.

– Hello everyone, you are on the channel “Eternal Summer”, and in this video we will talk about visas.

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– Hello everyone, this information will be, first of all, relevant for those who are going to stay in Thailand for more than 30 days. In general, if you have gathered in this country for a long time, the first thing you should take care of is a visa, it must be.

– When you come to Thailand, you put a stamp on your passport, which means that you can stay in Thailand for 30 days. During this period you must decide what you will do next: either leave, or make some kind of long-term visa. There are various variants of visas, we will now talk about them.

– I just want to say that we do not work in the immigration center, that we are not aware of the latest changes. And this information, perhaps, will not give you any Russian living here. And rely on this information as a 100% reliable source at the time when you are planning your move, not worth it, because, perhaps, you watch this video in six months or a year and the situation is completely different; something can change, we do not know.

– Therefore, read on the Internet, what amendments are introduced into the laws, because something is canceled, but something is introduced again. It is necessary to follow the information and find out somewhere on the forums or thematic groups about what is now generally relevant and what rules are in force at the moment.

– Yes, for despite the fact that you come to a heavenly country, you have pleasant thoughts about rest and the like, but to live in Thailand without a visa is a serious violation of the law, for which you can get rid of, or with a rather impressive fine of 500 baht for 1 day of delay (that is, your visa is over, you spent an extra day informally and pay 500 baht for it, if it lasts up to 10 days it’s 5 thousand baht), or if you live illegally for more than 10 days, you can get into a local prison, which is also quite unpleasant.

“Either you are simply deported and will no longer be allowed into this country.”

– You can be denied access to Thailand for 10 years.

– Upon arrival, immediately think about what kind of visa you will make.

– The first visa you can make is a fairly popular tourist visa, it gives you the right to stay in Thailand for up to 6 months. If you want to come to Thailand only for the winter or are not exactly going to live here a year, then the best option is to make a tourist visa for 6 months with a periodic extension and not worry.

“Usually, those who come to Thailand spend the winter months doing this.” The next visa you can get is pension. It is given to people who have reached the age of 50 years, and for its receipt it is necessary to put 800,000 baht in a Thai bank.

– Obtaining a pension visa is easy, it’s probably the easiest type of visa. Why are they denied visas in Thailand? Because people come here not to live, but to work here, and it’s very difficult to work here. The Thai government is doing everything possible to ensure that as many jobs as possible belong to the Thais – he has such a tough policy. And as soon as someone starts to work here, all this turns out, and illegal immigrants go home and further tighten the visa regime, because you can not work here for foreigners.

“But if, of course, you do not make a work visa.”

– Since it is expensive, many here come on student’s inexpensive visas and very well earn that does not like the Thai government. And a pension visa is quite simply given: you have 800 thousand baht on your bank account (this is like confirming your financial stability, that you have money, you will live on them and are not going to work here); and you are over 50 years old, you receive a pension, have already completed your work and really come to Thailand with one intention – to poke. If you are under 50, you can get a visa to this country more problematically, but you can still.

In fact, the tightening of the visa regime in the root has not changed anything. When we came here, they all said to us: “So, where are you going? They all tightened up, they will not let you in, and if they let you in, they will not let you out. Guard! do not go there! ”

But in reality, when we came here and talked with people who live here, it turned out that nothing has changed for them at all. They canceled visa run (prolongation of stay in the state through entry and exit to it), that is, a person comes to Thailand, he is stamped in a passport, and a person lives for 30 days for free. Then many people cross the border of a neighboring state, they return back to Thailand, they are stamped, and they live for another 30 days. In general, every 30 days there and then go.

In fact, it is not entirely convenient to travel every 30 days and constantly count the time so as not to delay your stay and not pay a fine of 500 baht. I read on the websites that people counted how much it costs to live a year using the visa run, and the amount was somewhere around 21.7 thousand baht per person.

If you make a student visa, it costs 27 thousand baht per person, but you do it once a year and do not worry anymore, do not travel outside of Thailand, and, in my opinion, it is very convenient.

If you come here with kind, honest intentions, then nothing terrible has happened for you in terms of the latest legislative changes. The only thing that you can now refuse in a student visa (if you, roughly speaking, “clogged” your passport with permanent stamps from visa run’ov) and doubt your intentions to stay in Thailand. Therefore, probably, you can change your passport in Russia, so that it is clean, new; make a student visa and live a year without problems. After a tourist visa, permanent visa run’ov hardly give a student visa and are often denied; and if you had a student visa and you go again to do the same, then everything is much simpler.

– But we know people who also lived on a tourist visa, then got a student visa. In principle, if you do not have a lot of stamps, then, I think, there will be no problems with obtaining a student visa.

– Everything is individual and depends on the country in which you make the documents; roughly speaking, from the border guard who looks at your passport, that is, we can not say how many stamps there should be, so that they will not let you in, no one knows. I, for example, talked with a girl whose passport was full of stamps, and she was afraid that she would not be given a student visa, and was already ready to leave, and she was given this visa. With this girl there was another guy with another girl (they were going to Malaysia), who had new passports, and they were denied a student visa, because they did not have certificates from the employer.

We can not guarantee that you will or will not be given a visa, we say only what we know, as we did ourselves.

– If you come for the first time, the visa is quietly given, so do not worry about it.

– The main thing, go to Laos, because at the moment everything is fine there, a visa is given, and in Malaysia problems with this.

The next type of visa that you can apply for and make it is quite problematic is a work visa. It is needed by those who go to Thailand directly to get a job and live here. Immediately I warn you that you do not particularly expect this visa, because it is expensive; I read that this visa costs about 60 thousand baht per year, that is, it is quite expensive compared to the student one, which costs 27 thousand. And even with a working visa it is very difficult to find a job, unless you get a job in some company that the Russians keep.

– Let’s talk about a student visa. It is given for a year, it is received in Laos, because it is easier to do there. About how we received a visa in Laos, you can look in this video, there it is told and shown all in great detail, it is provided with a step-by-step instruction. The visa is given for 12 months.

How does the whole process look like? First of all, when you come to Thailand, you should go to school. It must necessarily go at least 3 weeks before you end the 30-day validity period of the stamp in your passport, that is, within the first week after you arrive in Thailand, you must go to school and apply for a student visa. Otherwise, you can simply refuse if you come too late. Also, if you come in 2 weeks, as we did, we will have to pay extra for speeding up the process of issuing documents (we had to pay a thousand baht per person).

– The thing is that the documents in the school are prepared exactly 2 weeks; and when we submitted the documents (also for 2 weeks), then for this period there were holidays, several days off, and we did not have enough working days for paperwork, so we had to pay extra to speed up the process.

Do not do this. You came to Thailand, went swimming, looked at the palm trees, photographed the sunset – and the next day you submitted documents to the school and then relax.

– Because there is nothing terrible here. You come to school and say that you want to make a student visa. You take a passport, scan it; you sign on several documents – that’s all. You will be told that they will call back in 2 weeks and will notify you when you need to come. It’s all very simple, in fact, and worry about this is not worth it.

– We, by the way, have a small video inset with the content of how we paid our visas and education at school. And we are now presenting this material, so that you generally know what this school looks like. Maybe you will go to it (it is in Pattaya) and there you will make yourself a visa.

(Next, a fragment of the video from the school)

– So, we are in the school for a student visa. And we have already filled in the documents, entering your data and signing on photocopies, and now we will pay for the training. We need to pay 32.4 thousand baht.

We handed over a package of documents, paid for training; from our passports photocopies were taken, within 2 – 3 weeks they will prepare the documents (we paid to make them faster) and will call and let us know when we need to come to collect the documents. With them, we will already go to Laos to make a visa.

(End of fragment and continuation of dialogue)

At school, a Russian girl works, she will tell you everything calmly, that is, you do not have to communicate in some broken English, explain what you need. You can pay either half of the cost of training, or at once the full cost. In this there is nothing complicated, documents are made to you, in 2 weeks you come to receive them. You are given folders, and with these folders you are already going to Laos.

To go to Laos, you will need to buy either a tour from the agency, which will cost about 7.5 thousand baht, or you can go on your own, following our example. We went to the bus station and bought tickets to Laos. At regular places, they cost 590 baht, and VIP seats we did not have time to buy tickets, because they are bought at least 10 days before the trip, and we came for 4 to 5 days. If you need such places, then you need to buy tickets in advance, and they cost 890 baht, which is not much more expensive, but they say VIP-seats are much more comfortable.

– If the backs of our seats recline about 30 degrees from the vertical (this is good, but it is impossible to sleep), the backs of the VIP seats were folded almost to the horizontal position. These seats are much smaller, they are located on the 1 st floor of the bus, and you are just resting there, for you the trip generally without straining passes; and on the 2 nd floor worse.

– When you go by bus, and it takes 10 – 12 hours, you can freeze, because the air conditioners work very hard. Take necessarily some kind of sweatshirt, for even those rugs that you give out on the bus are not saved, and at night you freeze very much.

When you come to Laos and get to the consulate, you need to take the form and fill it. There are people who can help to do this for a fee. You can bargain with them to make a discount. Become in line, submit documents; after that you pay a visa and the next day you come pick up your passport with an already completed visa. Further, you will only have to visit the immigration office every 3 months in order to extend your student visa. It costs 1,9 thousand baht.

To leave Thailand, you can issue a re-entry ‘re-entry’. It is issued in the immigration office and costs 2 thousand baht. After registration you will be able to leave Thailand and back to enter it. At the same time, your student visa will not be reset.

– If you do not, it will be very disappointing when you arrive and realize that you do not have a visa anymore. Re-entry is finite. If you do a student visa, then you should, as it were, study. What is a student visa? You go to a language school, choose which language you will be teaching: English or Thai, and, roughly speaking, 3 to 4 times a week attend classes, so you can not travel around the world, except in emergencies only. For someone this is not a problem, he came to Thailand and is not going anywhere, but for someone this is really a surprise, because of which he is upset, because he did not know anything about this.

Thailand is big, you can travel on it without flying out of this country and without re-entry. Travel around Thailand, fly to all the islands; when the visa is over – fly wherever you want.

– Also, you should take care that your passport does not end. And if you remain about six months before the moment when the passport is over, you can refuse to issue a visa, so change it in advance.

We list all types of visas, which can be issued here:

1) a visa upon arrival, it is given for 30 days;

2) tourist visa, it is a one-time and multiple, it is given for a period of 3 to 6 months. This visa must be issued in Laos;

3) a pension visa, it is given to persons who have reached the age of 50 years and have 800 thousand baht on the account in a Thai bank;

4) working visa, it costs about 60 thousand baht, but the people who used it, we have not met here;

5) a student visa, it is given at the school. In order to get it, you need to apply and go to Laos to apply for this visa.

– You, probably, will think: �How they have received the student’s visa? They have long graduated from the institute. What kind of students are they? “The thing is that a student does not need to be a student to obtain a student visa in Thailand. This type of visa has no age restrictions. You can be 40, 50, 60 years old, and you can be a student.

In addition to learning the language, if it makes you sick, you can learn something else, for example: Thai massage, ikebana art, Thai cuisine, Muay Thai (Thai box).

“You can also just settle into a monastery.”

– The easiest way to get a visa – you can become a monk.

– If you have any questions about visas, then write them in the comments, and we will gladly answer.

– If we do not know the answer to your question, because this is an immense topic (to talk about all documents, stamps), we promise to find out the necessary information, unless, of course, the question is absurd, to which no one can answer. We will call our school, go to it, ask and write you an answer.

– Also read our article about how we received a visa in Laos (, there everything is described in detail. After reading this information, you will have much less questions about obtaining a student visa.

“But if they do stay, you know what to do.”

– Yes, write comments under this video, and we will certainly answer your questions.

– On this we all, thank you for watching this video. The question of visas is quite complex and incomprehensible, constantly changing, so you go to one site – one information, you go to the second – another. We told you what is relevant at the moment (the video was published on January 15, 2015, – the author’s note), and you can find out the details in the above-mentioned article.

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