Work in Australia.

Work in Australia.

Job search outside of Russia.

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+7 (499) 408-26-23.

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Our manager will come to you at a time convenient for you.

Just call:

+7 (499) 408-26-23.

+7 (800) 100-59-77.

Our manager will come to you at a time convenient for you.

Just call:

+7 (499) 408-26-23.

+7 (800) 100-59-77.

For some reason, people planning employment abroad are more likely to be looking for jobs in Europe and the US, although there are countries with more favorable conditions for foreigners. For example, few people are interested in how to find a job in Australia. By the way, in this country very much in need of qualified specialists, and also simple workers. Any Ukrainian can find a suitable job for himself if he tries. Nowadays, it’s not necessary to do everything yourself & ndash; many turn to specialists. Employment AgencyVezuVizu with joy will help save time and speed up job search in Australia. Thanks to cooperation with foreign companies, we can offer you a variety of prospective positions in a variety of industries. With our assistance for you will be available, both seasonal work in Australia, and long-term contracts for a year or more.

Work in Australia for the Russians.

Employment in Australia for Russians is possible, both for professionals with experience, and for people without knowledge of the language and professional skills. Jobs are offered for every taste. For example, recently the work on the farm has become popular. For her you only need to be younger than 55 years. The rest of you will be taught on the spot. Of course, such employment is not prestigious, but it is paid well, approximately from 11 to 22 Australian dollars per hour. If we talk about skilled work, then, for example, the work of a doctor or a programmer in Australia will bring you about 25 – 100 Australian dollars per hour. But in order to get a good job, you need to have a good education, experience in the chosen field, as well as a high level of English proficiency, confirmed by one of the international certificates. In addition to wages, work in Australia is attractive for other reasons:

the possibility of immigration to Australia with the subsequent acquisition of citizenship; experience that will give advantages in employment in Russia and in other countries; studying English with its speakers; new knowledge and impressions. Working, you can travel, get acquainted with new cities, sights and interesting people.

If you have any questions, please contact the VezouViz office at any time. We will tell you everything about staying in Australia and the features of the work there.

Stages of employment in Australia.

Employment in Australia exists, both under a contract with a particular company, and under an exchange program. If we talk about the second option, then the most popular is the work on the farm. The fact is that the agricultural sector in this country needs foreign specialists. If you have a good level of English and experience in this area, you can safely apply. If you are not interested in such an option, then the job search can be reduced to the following stages:

Send out a prepared resume to potential employers. In order to stand out among the mass of candidates, it is not superfluous to attach cover letters with an explanation of why it is you who should be the one to choose. Passage of the interview online with a representative of the company. Preparation of documents for registration of a business contract, as well as obtaining a work visa and a work permit. Signing of the contract with the employer. Apply to the embassy for a visa and work permit. Booking air tickets and housing, if they are not provided by the employer.

The VisaVisa agency will gladly help with the passage of each of the stages. Our experienced specialists will provide all the necessary support so that you can go to work in Australia in the near future.

Employment services from the agency VezuVizu.

Work in Australia for Russians is very diverse. There are vacancies in the service sector, in industry, IT and many others. There are Australian sites where lists of sought after specialties for each state are posted. The Employment AgencyVezuVizu will gladly help you find a job, saving your time and energy. Applying to us, you will receive:

the best vacancies in developing companies and the most favorable contract terms; preparation of all papers and certificates for signing a business agreement and processing a work visa, as well as their translation into English; booking airline tickets and hotels for the duration of their stay in Australia, if they are not provided by the employer.

We guarantee the high quality of the services provided and the efficiency of the work. With us, you can be confident that you will find the perfect job in Australia and will have all the documents for legal entry into Australia.

Chi – robot in the warehouses?

Good day. Is there a vacancy for a guide or history teacher? What is the total cost of your services, including the search for an employer and the signing of a contract? Thank you.

Hello! Interested in working as a welder in Australia. Are there any vacancies.

Hello, Yuri! In the near future a specialist of our company will contact you. We will be happy to help.

Good day. Interested in working in Austria for couples.

Hello Julia! In the near future a specialist of our company will contact you. We will be happy to help.

Good afternoon Julia. I have a Schengen visa for a year and I would like to work in Vienna without knowing the German language, cleaning up the premises, help with housework, a saleswoman in a Russian store, caring for the sheds and invivals.

Hello, Louise! In the near future, the necessary information will be sent to your email address. We will be happy to help.

Interested in employment in Australia.

Hello, Eugene! In the near future, the necessary information will be sent to your email address. We will be happy to help.

Interested in employment in Australia.

Hello Tatiana! In the near future the specialist of the employment department will contact you for more detailed information.

I can not call myself a professional, as I have not worked in one profile for a long time. But wherever I worked, I did the work with enthusiasm! I always loved my work and performed it with interest! He left the bakery because of the call. With the meat-packing plant, they stopped paying their salaries due to bankruptcy. ? At the furniture factory, he was transferred, in connection with career growth, and resigned for family reasons. Since I am a fast learner, I have the skills of a forwarding driver (receiving, escorting, handing over the goods, issuing the accompanying documents, extracting by hand from TTN, cashier’s checks, working with cash and non-cash, all kinds of reports, accepting orders, duties of the manager, business trips all over Russia). The operator of machine tools and a line of high productivity with CNC – the execution of orders of the chief of the shop; reading and creating drawings; timely execution and delivery of orders for production; adjustment, repair, staff training on machines for the production of corrugated board, chipboard, fiberboard, MDF, solid wood; adherence to TB, order and cleanliness in the workplace. Master, foreman on the production of cabinet furniture (all kinds of cabinets, wardrobes, built-in and custom-built cabinets, kitchen systems) – execution of instructions from the manager; Organization of a full cycle of the shop; reception, issuance, storage, inventory of material, parts and finished products; reading and creating drawings; complete control over the execution of applications; full control and quality control of the shop; acceptance, production and delivery of claims; planning meetings; report card; selection of working personnel; and much more. Work in a taxi on the car taxi park – a knowledge of Moscow and the region; transportation of passengers, children, invalids, baggage, VIP persons; execution of instructions of the head; execution of business orders; meetings, seeing off at airports, etc .; business trips; service-sober driver, personal driver; provision of services; work with the terminal; business trips.

Hello, Sergey! In the near future, our specialist will contact you to clarify more detailed information.

Zdravstvie worked in Israel hotel ritzy karlton steward odyn year, it worked davlya telaviv hauskipen cleaning of rooms half year there is an operetta work, now I work on carpentry in Poland grinding and varnishing, in Russia my wife’s father has carpentry making doors under the order I did not work three times year grinding and painting, I’m 32 years of work I’m not afraid of intensive work.

Hello, Victor! In the near future, the necessary information will be sent to your email address. We will be happy to help.

Good day, you are in a ���� ������ � ������볿?

Hello, Sergey! In the near future a specialist of our company will contact you. We will be happy to help.

Hello, I’m a young guy 22 years old. There is no work experience. Education is secondary, a builder. I am ready to work, English at the middle level, there is European citizenship and Ukrainian. Send a mail to the mail, if there are any suggestions.

Good afternoon! Please send your CV to our email address. We will check the vacancies currently available and will contact you.

Hello. I’m interested in jobs at fish factories in Australia?

Hello, Vladimir! Now there are no vacancies at Australian fish farms. Please send your CV to our email address. When there are any vacancies that interest you, specialists of our company will contact you.

Hello, is there any work in Australia for machinists how much do your services cost and how they are paid for.

Hello, Ivan! At the moment there are no vacancies in this area. You can send your resume to our email address. As soon as the vacancies that interest you, you will be contacted.

Hello. Interested in working in Australia, any (on a farm, in a store, packing, sorting, etc.) will suit me, 22, a junior diploma (Acting). Knowledge of English Elementary, but I do not stop in training. How much will your services stand and for what time? and what kind of usances?

Hello, Yana! Unfortunately, today such vacancies are closed. I ask you to send a resume to our e-mail address, indicating all the details. We will monitor the vacancy data and, when the options appear, you will be contacted.

Good afternoon. I’m looking for a job abroad. Interested in working in Africa, and specifically in Tunisia. Can you help with employment in this country? Thank you.

Hello, Larissa! Specify, please, what vacancy are you interested in?

Hello. How can I go to work on a farm or somewhere to learn a language. I have a physics education a great experience but IELTS 4.0 to me 33. thanks.

Hello, Alexander! We recommend you to contact us directly by phone, indicated on our website, to clarify all the details.