Work in Cambodia: are there opportunities for permanent residence for Russians, Belarusians and Ukrainians?

Work in Cambodia: are there opportunities for permanent residence for Russians, Belarusians and Ukrainians?

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It landed already for the fifth time on the blessed land of India. I flew through Bishkek, everything is cheap and angry. In the Himalayas, despite my fears & mdash; In the afternoon it is very comfortable and warm. In such circumstances, find time for work and blog & mdash; tremendous pleasure. Further plans are vague, but all the most important in my life: a favorite thing, a close friend and a motorcycle.

A good reason once again popiarit your way of life, for sure, most of my readers like to travel. And many of the travelers would like to stay in the places where they have visited. And the most common reason for abandoning this desire was the lack of money.

In order to dilute the Indian theme a little, I will tell about Cambodia. Perhaps someone will be surprised at this choice, but about the reasons – a little later. One of the first questions raised by a Russian-speaking traveler who has come to the Khmer country for a long time: is there any work in Cambodia for the Russians.

Many people want to work in this position?

By the way, I already wrote a similar article, only about work in Goa. Take a look.

Who are you, Cambodia-Cambodia?

So, why Cambodia? The opinion of the Russians visiting this country diverge: some consider this country too poor and poorly adapted for tourism, others attract in it a quiet flow of life, low prices, a warm climate and a friendly and peaceful nature of the local population. And, by the way, thanks to the friendship with the Soviet Union in the 80s, some local people know the Russian language, there are Russian restaurants and markets. And the Russians who came to permanent residence also have some numbers.

I myself do not like Cambodia: prejudice to the stupidity of the population, anarchy, poverty and monotonous landscapes. Saves the situation only Cap, where you can more or less relax from the intrusive attention of the local.

Sunsets on Siam, of course, stunned.

The country, however, is developing in the tourist direction, the flow of tourists is growing every year. And, as a consequence, the number of people who want to live here is growing longer. Attracts relatively pleasant weather (at least from October to May) and low prices. What are the variants of earnings for Russians, as, indeed, for Ukrainians and Belarusians (to share the Slavs in the country of birth far from political games does not make sense)?

Who to work with, what to do?

Since we are talking about tourists, let’s talk about vacancies related to this industry. Tourism in Cambodia is slowly gaining momentum. Accordingly, new hotels and restaurants are being built, where staff are needed. At once I will make a reservation – knowledge of English should be at height, because it is necessary to compete with local population. It is also desirable to know Khmer (the native language of the local population).

Here they are & mdash; beaches of Cambodia.

So, the vacancy of the manager in the hotel will require not only excellent language skills, but also full return to work from morning till late evening. And the payment amount will be 200-300 $. In case of employment of a maid or a handyman, the employer will “please” with a salary of at most $ 150. Another variant of a vacancy from the tourism industry is a guide or a seller of excursions. Employment is only in the winter season. The competition is high, the flow of customers is just getting better. To hope for groups of Russian tourists to work as a guide for russian (which is quite common in neighboring Thailand) is better not worth it. Although there are exceptions, he personally met with the cool guy in Siem Reap, works as a guide for Angkor Wat, and led Russian groups from neighboring Thailand. It’s the same with photographers. We do not need to hope to earn money in Cambodia. According to the Russians living there, “there are three photographers for one tourist”. Another possible area of earnings is public catering. Waiters, bartenders, cooks. The mass of street cafes opens, and the same mass – it closes. To work in them is to combine the activities of a waiter, cook, dish washer and cleaner. And the reward is unlikely to exceed 200 American greens. In view of the presence in Cambodia of a certain number of Russians, there are shops and firms engaged in the production of something belonging to immigrants from Russia. There is a small chance to get into the staff of such a firm, but it is negligible. Yes, and high earnings are unlikely to be offered there. And one more industry, where there is some hope of employment – medicine. The level of this in the country is very low. Professionals are few, neotlozhek not in principle. So, according to some local, the doctor will be able to find a place for himself there. But, again, English should be on top. Yes, and Khmer will have to learn. Although I do not think that among the readers there will be a large number of qualified doctors who are eager to leave for the country of total unsanitary conditions.

As you can see, there are options, although they are all tied with long-term settling and full payback in terms of working time. Of course, in order to survive and not die of hunger, this approach is quite suitable, but you want something more?

To go or not to go, is that the question?

Summing up all of the above, the conclusion suggests that to earn a more or less worthy existence without having the skills of a narrow specialist in tourism, hotel business or restaurant business, it will be very difficult. Even despite over full employment. And what’s the point of going to live in Southeast Asia with its mild climate and warm sea, if you have to plow from dawn to dusk, just enough to survive? Also compete with the local population?

The sea is beautiful everywhere and at all times.

However, people live there and do not leave! And there are more and more of them. And to live there as whispered atmosphere of the seaside resort, i.e. without haste, without nerves, joyfully and calmly meeting a new day, there are several options:

live on rent from rented housing (if any, and the amount of rent satisfies life’s needs), to establish a business in Cambodia (which is unlikely to succeed without reconnaissance and living at least for a while) to have a remote earnings.

Here’s the last option, in my opinion & mdash; the most environmentally friendly, the most stable and the most profitable. Working remotely you can choose the most convenient for yourself mode: walk at a time when the soul is calling, and work when comfortable. Possibilities (and desires) to engage in self-development with such a schedule is much more than being a barman or handyman.

You do not have to climb out of your skin to compete with the local population in your position, earn pennies and not see white light. You do not turn from a white tourist into a hindrance to the local population. For otherwise, open friendliness, seasoned with a pack of green bucks, can easily turn into an equally open enmity.

And in order not to lose precious time & mdash; learn remote work from professionals.

Of all the necessary working conditions, you only need a laptop and access to the Internet. And with the place of residence without any problems, sort it out for yourself!

That’s it, friends! Straighten your wings and realize yourself to the fullest. Do not get lost in the Internet, subscribe to the newsletter, join friends!

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