Working visa to Finland.

Working visa to Finland.

Employment in Finland & ndash; not the best choice. Ukrainians who did not work in this country before, do not look for vacancies in it, especially for employment in the agricultural sector.

This is due to the fact that the list of seasonal workers in Finland is formed from November to March. However, what will be the harvest & ndash; It is unknown, and wages depend on the amount of harvested crops. No harvest & ndash; there is no salary. And the information about the yield in the current season becomes known only after arrival in Finland.

The salary of seasonal workers in the agricultural sector ranges from 2 to 15 euros per kilogram of harvested crops. For seasonal work in Finland, Ukrainian citizens can arrive for a period of 3 to 6 months: from June to August or all summer & ndash; from April to October.

verification of the package of documents registration of an invitation record for filing a form filling out an air ticket / hotel medical insurance.

cost terms and a list of documents.

From year to year, more and more people are trying to go abroad in search of a solid salary. At the moment when an interesting vacancy arises, the question arises as to how to obtain a work visa to Finland. Information for today can be found by contacting VizaUa specialists at any time convenient for you. In addition, you can consult about the design, collection and transfer of important papers, the conversation in the embassy, the general requirements for the applicant.

Answer a small list of questions and find out.

what are your chances of getting a visa to Finland.

Obtaining a work visa.

Working visa to Finland for Ukrainians is a permit to stay in the state during the validity of the business contract. Such a visa can be issued to people who go to the state with the intention of earning a living, rather than tourism or travel to family members. In order to receive it, you should prepare such documents:

a foreign passport, as well as its previous copy; the questionnaire (completed); 2-4 photos; copy and original documents for permission to work; letter from the employer about the work; data on the position, profit, available savings of the applicant.

This is just a list of the main documents that need to be collected. Much more detailed information on how to apply for a work visa to Finland today can be obtained from experts. Only they can take into account absolutely all personal factors. Sometimes you need to give information: the state of mental health, the estimated value of your property. An essential factor, when receiving a stamp, is the passage of a personal interview. The important question is whether you will go back to your homeland or you want to stay forever in a foreign country. The correct option is to assure the officer of the fact that you are traveling to another country solely for practical experience. There are a lot of pits. In this regard, it is necessary to reflect on the issue in order to contact specialists for support in opening a visa. Agree that it will be unpleasant to get a refusal.

Call VizaUa employees at any convenient time and they will prompt you how much is a working visa to Finland, offer service packages for registration. A standard set gives you a paper check, a quick entry for an interview at an embassy, a consultation. This will undoubtedly reduce the period of obtaining a visa. Additionally there is a vip package, when without your personal presence they prepare absolutely all papers, a working visa is delivered home.

Hello! Need advice on a visa to Finland for 6 months. For seasonal work.

Good day, Sergey. In the near future the specialist of our company will contact you to clarify all the questions that interest you. Thank you.

Zdrastvujte Irina.v early 2018 we go to work in Poland for 3 months on visa-free. Is it possible immediately after the return after making a Finnish visa to go to work in Finland (the vacancy is a challenge will be) or will have to make a break between trips in 90 days.

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Good day, skilki hour potrovnu och�kuvati on robochu visu?

Hello, Artem! Term of consideration of documents in the Consulate from 1 to 4 months and more.

Good day.Irina.muzh is sent to Finland for a slave visa. I want to go with a child (up to a year) with him. How can I do this?

Hello Victoria! In the near future a specialist of our company will contact you. We will be happy to help.

I am looking for a job in Finland in production, there are three higher educations – automobile, economic and legal. Experience on the conveyor belt is the production of cars, the work and management of the operation of the service station, law enforcement, in agriculture on greenhouses and small animals. There are three other men in search of work, without bad habits. What can you say about the Valmet Automotive automobile plant in the Finnish city of Uusikaupunki?

Hello, Yuri! We recommend you to contact us directly by phone, indicated on our website, to clarify all the details.

Hello we want to go with my husband to Finland to work on farms contacted the firm in Krivoy Rog hired a copy of the documents we received a call back in a day and said that we will receive a visa and a visa of 500 euros for the first time 150 euros and the rest from the salary at the appointed time we need beat in the consulate and after 2 hours we will be given visas after the interview, the question can be this.

Hello Tatiana! We recommend to clarify this issue in the agency with which you work.

Hello Irina! I do not have an employer in Finland, do you draw up invitations from a Finnish employer? How much is the entire package of documents? Vacancy to collect forest berries, work in greenhouses, on a farm, fish factory.

Hello, Diane! We recommend you to contact us directly by phone, indicated on our website, to clarify all the details.

Hello Irina, I want to go to work in Finland, I found a job, but I have not ended the corridor on the Polish work visa (ends in early April), is it real, or should I wait for the end of the corridor?

Hello, Sergey! You can apply for a work visa to Finland before the Polish visa expires.

Hello Irina, I want to go to work in Finland, there is no employer, can you help, and how much does it cost?

Hello, Nikolay! Specify, please, what vacancy are you interested in?

We want to go to Finland with my husband. We do not have an employer in Finland. Can you help with this? Thank you.

Hello Svetlana! Specify, please, what vacancies are you interested in?

I want to go to Finland for a year. how much does a visa cost and what is needed for this. Thank you for your reply.

Hello, Lyudmila! The cost of services of our company when you issue a work visa is 2480 UAH. Please specify if you have an employer in Finland?

whether they will give a work visa with the status of HIV.

Hello, Inga! The final decision on issuing a visa is accepted by the consul on the basis of the package of documents that you provided.