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Layfak: how to leave Petersburg for Europe for 1900 rubles on a secret train.

That you could rest really cheap, we sent our correspondent to Lithuania by a “Nesterov” train. From the article, checked by personal experience, you will find out what kind of “secret” train this is and how to always save 70% of the ticket price to Vilnius.

In the conditions of a sustainable crisis, you sometimes have to save everything, especially on travel. When translating into euros, the hotel reservation and food even in unpretentious cafes are ready to substantially hit the wallet. But this is not a reason to deny yourself the pleasure, because you can always save a round sum on the movements. Now for pennies in Europe, flying low-costers, but, unfortunately, not from Pulkovo. Busses go to the Baltic States, but to wipe the bus seat from sunset to dawn to the same Lithuania – pleasure though inexpensive, but doubtful. The way out of the difficult situation is the “Nesterov” train.

How to buy a ticket:

Train No. 079C “Yantar”, the next from St. Petersburg to Kaliningrad, is not considered international, although it follows, bypassing two neighboring states – Belarus and Lithuania. But if you buy a ticket from the city on the Neva straight to Vilnius, you will be, as they say, without pants. Such a trip will be considered international and it will rise to monstrous five thousand rubles in one direction. But it’s worth including smartness, and then “Yantar” will turn into a secret “Nesterov” train with tickets 60-70% below the initial cost. So, a ticket in a reserved seat to the nearest to the border of Lithuania with the Kaliningrad region of the glorious city of Nesterov will cost only 1600-2000 rubles. The benefits can be quickly compared on the website of the “Russian Railways”. Our correspondent managed to buy a ticket to Europe for 1945 rubles instead of 5276.

Just note that immediately you need to buy a return ticket in the Russian box office. The fact is, together with the visa and passport at the border station of the Vilniaus Gelezinkelio Stotis station in Vilnius you will be asked to show a return ticket, and in the Lithuanian ticket offices it will cost about 100 euros.

Reduce the cost of the trip can be, if you go to Vilnius on the “Nesterov” train not from St. Petersburg, but from Moscow. The road on the capital train � 029� “Yantar” will take a little less time and it will cost a little cheaper. But this is not the amount that is worth saving.

Personal experience:

The way to Europe begins at the Vitebsk railway station. Train No. 079C St. Petersburg – Kaliningrad looks the same as many of the “RZD” trains: old cars, but with dry closets. The conductor asks for a ticket and passport with a visa. At the appointed time, the train starts to move, and an hour later the Lithuanian consul goes with checking passports and visas for all cars. By the way, those who do not have visas are given a temporary permit for transit through Lithuania. “At night, passengers quietly and peacefully sleep on their bunks, safely bypassing Belarus, but, according to the conductor, the most interesting will begin when crossing the border of Belarus and Lithuania . And it turns out: in the morning the conductor wakes up, the Belarusian frontier guards come to the train. When you leave for the EU they are very scrupulous: several brigades with dogs are conducting a check, they are giving clear instructions, making it clear that everything is already serious.

From the whole car the questions were only to me, it’s because I have a “virgin” passport for traveling from friendly neighbors and entering Lithuania. The border guard woman asked where I was going and why, to which I replied in confusion: “I’m on a visit to Nesterov.” The border guard smiled and said: “So, go to Vilnius, open your backpack, please, how much cash do you export and do you have anything to declare?” Having listened to my answers, I did not hide the sarcasm and wished a pleasant journey and a good pastime in Lithuania.

“Every third Lithuanian citizen travels exactly on this ticket, but leaves in Vilnius. They want to save everything, “- says the conductor. & # 160;

When crossing the border of Belarus with Lithuania, there were no more questions. Now the main thing is not to mix up the time of disembarkation in Vilnius. For example, in winter, you need to pay attention to the difference in time: in Lithuania in winter, as in Finland, the hands of the clock lag behind the Moscow time per hour.

In Vilnius, passengers who go further, are forbidden to go out, even parking and lasts as long as 17 minutes. But I collected all the things and went out. The conductor with round eyes declares that it is impossible to go out, but we managed to come to an agreement, and I found myself safely on the platform. It turns out that the conductors need to be informed in advance that you are going to Vilnius, and not to Nesterov, so that they will prepare your ticket. Then everything will go smoothly, ask questions, why you are not going to Nesterov, no one will. ”

To get from the main station of Vilnius to the street, you need to pass passport and customs control. On the platform there is a Duty Free shop, but it is only allowed to use it when leaving the city (it is now clear why it is impossible to leave the train). By the way, according to the rules, say, the same alcohol from Lithuania to Russia per person is allowed to export three liters. For comparison, in Finland the indicator is lower – only one liter.

Photo tour of Vilnius.

Having reached on foot to the hotel and throwing off my things, I began to study the capital of Lithuania closely. The city is fraught with a lot of interesting and unusual, it should be written a separate story with illustrations.

Photo: Nikolay Gontar.

January 13, 2017 7,854.

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